GRANKIA Electric (GUANGDONG) Co., Ltd.

Vision and Mission

GRANKIA has been dedicated to the renewable energy industry for the development, manufacturing, and sales of solar energy products for more than three decades. GRANKIA is aimed at balancing technology, culture, and environmental protection into a corporate citizen for innovation, harmony , and a healthy Earth. With the perspective of a world leader in solar energy products, GRANKIA is dedicated to offering customers quality solar energy products and services.

Our Vision

Growing up

It is expected that GRANKIA products can be widely used in various solar power system, step by step to become a leading brand in the solar energy industry.

Put Customers First

Lead Decisively

Innovate Relentlessly

Do the Right Thing

Our Mission


Win Together

Be Profitable in A Sustainable Way

Share Success with Employees

We firmly believe that our success as an enterprise closely depends on the talent, skills, and expertise of our people and the ability to function as a tightly integrated team. We respect people’s work, we protect our employees’ benefits, we encourage employees to be open to challenges and creation and to provide strong support to help them implement constructive ideas.


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