How to choose the best battery storage for a solar energy system

When comparing different solar battery storage systems, it can be difficult to determine which characteristics and technical specifications matter most. The battery storage is so new that you probably don’t know anybody with a battery who you can ask about their experience. There are certain specifications when evaluating your solar battery options, such as how […]

What is a deep cycle battery

A deep cycle battery is one that can be discharged (up to 80% or more) and recharged multiple times without being damaged. This is in contrast to a maximum of 45% discharge rate recommended for other batteries. It is designed to reliably supply power over extended periods of time. What is deep cycle battery? Deep […]

How to wire batteries in series and parallel

Understanding the difference between wiring batteries in series and parallel is critical if you have a multiple battery system. How you connect your batteries will determine how they perform in different applications. Let’s look closer at how to wire batteries in series and parallel. The difference between batteries in series and parallel The main difference […]

What is a sealed lead acid battery

A lead acid battery is a rechargeable battery that uses lead and sulphuric acid to function. The lead is submerged into the sulphuric acid to allow a controlled chemical reaction. This chemical reaction is what causes the battery to produce electricity. Then, this reaction is reversed to recharge the battery. The technology of lead acid […]

How hybrid inverter works

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