GRANKIA has been in OEM & ODM Services since its foundation in 2008. With rich experience dealing with customers from all over the world, GRANKIA knows how to serve our customers best in customization and is publically known as one of the best customization provider in the industrial.

GRANKIA is an extremely versatile turnkey manufacturer with the ability to bring your concepts and ideas into viable computing solutions. We work with individuals and companies at all stages of design and manufacture, from concept to finish, in a highly focused effort to bring industry level products and services to you.

Once customer provides us with concept information and detailed specifications, we will notify them of the total cost for design, prototyping, and estimated cost per unit before the project begins. GRANKIA will work with customers until they are satisfied and all original design requirements are met, and the product performs exactly to customers’ expectations.

To maximize product availability, GRANKIA employs an international distribution network. Our worldwide inventory control and tracking system coordinates inventory among our offices located in Taiwan and China to ensure prompt delivery every time. GRANKIA is an ISO9001, ISO14001, and TUV certified company. We maintain stringent quality standards in our manufacturing processes, and ensure products go through rigorous quality checks at every stage of production.

OEM/ODM Services

In order to meet the market’s demand and provide the suitable solution, GRANKIA offers board level and system level customized design and integration service for the solar energy market.

OEM/ODM Service Flow Chart

Our disciplined team approach allows us to be ahead of our competition in product development cycle time without compromising quality. GRANKIA is committed to delivering quality solutions to our customers through our OEM/ODM services. We are an expert in our field, as you are with yours. GRANKIA is committed to serving global solution integrators with flexible tailor-made designs and manufacturing services. Delivered straight from our corporate OEM/ODM Team, the products benefit our clients by lower manufacturing costs as well as a shorter lead-time for product development.

OEM/ODM Service Flow Chart

GRANKIA servers with pride and cares. We are sincerely looking forward to hearing from you and obtaining the opportunity of co-operation in solar panels, inverter, solar charge controller and battery storage production business. We are sincerely looking forward to your cooperation in power and energy business, especially OEM production.

If you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us by email: [email protected]


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