• ESS6K10 on off grid solar 10kWH solar energy storage system

ESS6K10 on off grid solar 10kWH solar energy storage system

All in One ESS | 10kWH | 6kW ON/OFFGrid Solar Inverter | IP65

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GRANKIA ESS6K10 on off grid solar 10kWH solar energy storage system is a cutting-edge solution that utilizes the power of solar energy. It also offers a reliable backup during grid outages. This ON/OFF grid hybrid inverter offers seamless integration with the utility grid. It allows you to consume electricity from both the solar panels and the grid, based on your requirements.

You can adjust your energy consumption according to your needs. On sunny days with surplus solar energy, excess power can be fed back into the grid.

This 10kWH ess energy storage system can potentially earn you credits or reduce your electricity bills. The integrated lithium-ion battery pack stores any excess solar energy generated during the day for later use. This stored energy becomes invaluable during power outages. It provides a reliable backup power source to keep essential appliances and devices running. This innovative system combines the functions of a solar inverter and an energy storage unit. It offers the best of both worlds for residential and small commercial applications.

ESS6K10 on off grid solar 10kWH solar energy storage system

10KWH Solar Energy Storage System Features

Flexible and Modular Design

The system is designed to be customizable and scalable, allowing users to select the configuration that best suits their needs. Whether you’re powering a small off-grid cabin or a large remote property, the All in One Energy Solar System can be configured to provide the exact amount of power required.

High-Quality Components

The system is built using high-quality, durable components that are designed to withstand the elements and provide reliable power generation for years to come.

Integrated ON/OFF Grid Hybrid Solar Inverter

Experience innovation firsthand with our seamlessly integrated 6kW On/Off-grid hybrid solar inverter, harmoniously combined with a lithium-ion battery module.

Widely PV Input

Versatility is paramount, with a broad PV input range spanning from 40VDC to 600VDC, ensuring optimal performance under various conditions.

Efficient Space Utilization

Embrace space efficiency through our compact all-in-one design, maximizing the utility of your available area.

Smart Monitoring and Management

The All in One Energy Solar System includes a smart monitoring and management system that allows users to track the system’s performance and monitor energy production in real-time. Users can access the system via a mobile app or web interface, enabling them to control and manage their solar power system from anywhere.

Weatherproof Durability

Rest assured in the face of the elements, as our product boasts a sturdy waterproof IP65 rating, guaranteeing robustness and longevity across diverse environments.

ESS Energy Storage System Details

ESS6K10 on off grid solar 10kWH solar energy storage system

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Model ESS6K10
PHASE 1-phase in/1-phase out
RATED POWER 6000VA / 6000W
Dimension, LxWxH (mm) 620x212x1302
Net Weight (kgs) 110
Max. PV Input Power 11000W
Nominal DC Voltage/Max. DC Voltage 360Vdc/ 600Vdc
Start-up Voltage/Min. Operation Voltage 50Vdc/ 40Vdc
Number of MPP Trackers/String 2/1
Max. PV Input Current 16A
Max. input power from grid 11000 VA
Voltage 220VAC/230VAC/240VAC
Voltage Range 154V~276V
Rated Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Frequency Range 50Hz: 45Hz~55Hz / 60Hz: 55~65Hz
Power Factor ≥ 0.99
Max. output power 6000W
Voltage 220VAC/230VAC/240VAC ± 5%
Rated output current (at 230V) 26.1 A
Max. output current (at 230V) 27.3 A
Rated Frequency 50Hz/60Hz(±0.5%)
Harmonic Distortion ≤3% (Linear Load), ≤5% (Non-Linear Load)
Waveform Pure sine wave
Maximum Conversion Efficiency (DC/AC) 97.30%
European Efficiency 97.70%
Battery Voltage 51.2VDC
Battery Type LiFePO4
Battery Cell combination 16S2P*1
Rated Capacity 200AH
Energy Storage 10.24KWH
Cycle Life 6000 cycles @80% DOD, 0.5C
Floating Charge Voltage 57.6VDC
Max. Solar Charge Current 100A
Max. AC Charge Current 100A
Max. Charge Current 100A
Max. Discharge Current 100A
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 43.2VDC
Charge Cut-off Voltage 58.4VDC
Communication Interface RS485/RS232, WLAN Optional
IP Class IP65
Humidity 5% to 95% Relative Humidity(Non-condensing)
Charge Temperature 0°C to 50°C
Discharge Temperature -20°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to 50°C
Compliance Safety IEC 62619, UN38.3, MSDS, NRS, G99